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Leaders, executives, and clients around the globe trust us to help them optimize their talent and distinguish expertise to achieve meaningful impact.


We are a premier full-service career marketing firm specialized to help you capitalize on the essence of who you are, not just the great work you do.


You don’t have to find purpose outside of work. Our sophisticated value-added solutions help us understand the breadth and depth of your journey to refine and define your career trajectory on your terms.


Piahrose 3P© Method is the science-backed and tech-forward framework to help you achieve a flexible career that supports recognition, leadership agility, upskilling, and security.

Everything you need to grow, scale, and compete in any industry.

Focusing on your job alone is not a viable option to remain competitive in a quickly changing economy. Explore how to effectively position yourself to create, manage, and communicate a powerful career brand that resonates with different employers. Succeed regardless of where you are in your profession.


Cutting-edge solutions designed to meet your present needs and upward career trajectory

Prestige 360

$ 5,795

$2,897 Per Month
  • Includes all Premier 180 values plus
  • Prep for your next 6 figure position
  • Beat and overcome ageism
  • Optimize executive presence
  • Value & Virtue (V2) Matrix
  • Negotiate with C-suite decision-makers
  • Refine business acumen
  • Position yourself as a thought leader
  • Thought Leadership Coaching
  • Boost earning potential
  • 2-week Project delivery


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Premier 180Most Popular

$ 3,897

$1,299 Per Month
  • Career Navigation access
  • iPAR Interview Package
  • Custom Networking E-note
  • Employer Follow-up E-note
  • Value & Virtue (V2) Matrix
  • Career Marketing Statement
  • Infographic CV development
  • LinkedIn Optimization
  • Thought Leadership Coaching
  • Career Marketing VP
  • 1 Talent Optimization session
  • Human Capital Dossier
  • Business Proposition Brief
  • Digital Portfolio (
  • 12 Months website visibility
  • Executive Portfolio distribution
  • Career Brand development
  • 90-day Advisory relationship
  • 3-week Project delivery
  • 3 Flex pay options
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$ 2,799

$1,399 Per Month
  • Career Navigation access
  •  Compensation Coaching
  • Custom Networking E-note
  • Employer Follow-up E-note
  • Value & Virtue (V2) Matrix
  •  Career Marketing Statement
  • Complete Resume rewrite
  • LinkedIn profile development
  •  Thought Leadership Coaching
  •  Career Marketing Pitch
  • 1 Strategic Marketing session
  • Human Capital Dossier
  • Business Proposition Brief
  •  Digital Portfolio (
  •  12 Months website visibility
  •  Portfolio distribution
  • Career Brand development
  • 30-day Advisory relationship
  • 4-week Project delivery
  • 2 Flex pay options
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